Official Tour Guides Are Licensed to Guide

Please remember this: tour guides in Mallorca and in Spain are considered professionals and must be licensed to perform their services.

Are you interested in hiring a personal tour guides on your next trip to Palma de Mallorca? In Palma de Mallorca are available for hire. You can contact them directly for questions and making arrangements. Affordable tours by mini Coach. Hiring a private guide can be an excellent way to see a place since you will have a local expert to work as your personal assistant. They can also help you arrange day trips outside the city.

In Mallorca and other European countries earn their license via official exams given by the tourist authorities regions or provinces.

Tourism is the Mallorca´s and Spain’s leading industries. To ensure high standards and to protect you, the consumer, from wherever in the world you hail, Spanish legislation, both national and local, defines the tourism professions and requires that hotels, travel agencies, travel agency directors and individual operators, such as tour guides and tour escorts, possess a license.

On the job in Mallorca, they always wear or carry their license with them, to be shown upon request to the authorities.

Licensed guides in Mallorca do not need to look over their shoulder to see whether the police are coming or avoiding important monument visits only because don’t want to be seen as intruders.

Individuals performing tourist guide services in Mallorca without a license, in virtually whatever guise they assume, are breaking the law.

Surfing the web today, you find numerous sites for Mallorca tour guide services offered by excellent or native English-speakers who qualify themselves as long-time residents of the city, insiders, experts, historians, art historians, archaeologists, students, teachers.

Please beware: if these individuals don’t state they are Official licensed Majorca tour guides, you can be sure they are not legally certified to perform tour guide services.

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